Skincare Junkie: I Had My First Ever Facial Peel And This Is What It Was Like

It's not as scary as you may think!

Does a facial peel sound daunting to you? It shouldn’t!

It’s been seven weeks since I last updated you on my skin journey with Renew Clinic, and therefore seven weeks since I first started using the products in my new skincare routine. As per Nicola in Renew’s advice, I took at least six weeks to let the products work before going in for another visit. Although I haven’t noticed a major difference in the appearance of my skin, it’s notably less oily from using my Image and Skinceuticals products, and even a little less red. Success!

I booked in with my pal Nicola in Renew to see how the skin expert herself thought I was getting on and find out the next step in getting my skin looking its best.

Although the redness in my skin has improved, Nicola suggested doing a peel for even better results, followed by a course of IPL laser treatment.

As my skin isn’t in too bad condition, Nicola gave me a light peel using a mixture of glycolic and salicylic acid, only leaving the product on for two minutes before removing. If you think a peel sounds super scary, trust me when I say it isn’t. It doesn’t burn, but feels like a slightly uncomfortable tingling sensation. Just think of it as a stronger version of your active cleanser.

The process was super quick – about 15 minutes, and my skin felt amazing afterwards. One thing to note is that there is aftercare involved when you get a peel. You can’t use your normal skincare products as your skin will be sensitive afterwards, so a less harsh version of everything should be used. Luckily, Image Skincare make a special post treatment kit to use for a week following your peel. Then, if like me you don’t experience any dryness or flaking, you can switch back to your everyday products.

The peel will help stop more oil producing in my skin, preventing more redness from occurring, however it won’t take out any existing redness – this is where the next part of my skin journey begins.

During my next visit to Renew, Nicola will begin a series of laser treatments on my skin called IPL (Intense Pulsed Lights). This will help remove my existing red spots and broken veins around my nose. In a series of six treatments (five still to go), we’ll go back and forth between light facial peels and IPL’s until my skin is in top shape.

The lovely Nicola and I after my first peel.

My next appointment for IPL is in two weeks, I’ll fill you in then on that experience (it’s meant to hurt!).

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