Slugging 101: Everything You Need To Know About The Latest Skincare Trend

It’s not as gross as it sounds, promise.

It feels like every week a new beauty trend pops up on Tik Tok – and it can be overwhelming to keep up and figure them all out. But the new beauty hack of ‘slugging’ (though it sounds a bit bizarre) is actually super simple and pretty genius.

Essentially, slugging is covering your face with a layer of Vaseline, or another petroleum-based agent, before you go to bed.

The idea is that Vaseline creates a barrier between your skin and the outside world, keeping it protected, and helping to seal in all the moisture from your nighttime products as you sleep.

While you might think Vaseline would clog your pores, it turns out that it’s actually non-comedogenic, meaning its molecules are too large to clog up your skin – who would have thought! Slugging is said to work especially well for those who may have damaged or dried out their skin barrier with too many harsh products or exposure to the sun.

The Vaseline creates a moist environment for skin to heal and lock in hydration so you get that plump, supple look. Those with very sensitive or eczema-prone skin should avoid it, however, as it could be irritating.

If you want to try slugging, simply go about your nighttime routine as usual, and reach for the Vaseline (or another occlusive moisturiser) as the last step before you sleep.

You don’t need a huge amount, just a dab will do, but spread it out nice and evenly. You can cover your lips too, for a soft, kissable pout, and actually, any dry or damaged areas on your body can benefit.

In the morning, cleanse your skin as normal. You’ll have beautiful skin – and maybe a slightly sticky pillowcase – in no time!

Words by Aoife CodyKane


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