So This Is How Kylie Jenner’s Eyebrows Look So Unreal Without Make-Up

We're taking her tips on board.

Kylie Jenner

How long does it take you to do your make-up in the morning? Whether you spend five minutes or 20 perfecting your look, we’ll bet that it’s your brows that take the most time to do.

From brushing them through and applying a growth serum, to tweezing out the strays and filling them in, they’re certainly a crucial step in completing our overall look.

So naturally, when Kylie Jenner shared a make-up-free snap on Snapchat with her arches looking super full and defined without any product we had to know her secret.

Thankfully, Kylie obliged by telling one Twitter user that her enviable eyebrows are all down to tinting.

In fact, KJ reckons it’s a total game-changer, telling one of her fans “Tinting your brows. You Should Try. Life changing!”

So it’s as simple as that: a regular tint (think every three to four weeks) will help you on your quest to stunzo brows and also save you a whole lot of time in the morning.

Fresh brows, no fillin’? We’re in!


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