So, This Is How Often We Should Be Washing our Hair According To TikTok

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Never before have we focused on our grooming habits more than we have in the last year. While some day’s it’s difficult to get out of bed and brush your hair, other days we feel a burst of energy and want to make-over our entire lives.

Finding a beauty routine that works for you can be a challenge, since everyone is different, there is no skincare or haircare routine that fits all. However, there are some tips we can all pick up as we learn what works best for us.

While everyone’s hair style, texture, and needs are different, one hair ‘expert’ over on TikTok reckons we’re all washing our hair far too often, disrupting our scalp and hair’s health. In a video she explains how often she would recommend washing your hair:

“2 days a week” she writes.

For some people who have been washing their hair most days, this may come as a surprise, and for others, particularly those with curly or textured hair, this is advice they have been living by their whole lives.

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In the comments section, Alexa explained that if you are someone who washes it every day, it’s easy to train your hair out of that, assuring her followers that your hair should adjust to the change.

“You have to start training your hair,” she said.

“Really important for hair growth – your hair will adjust to less washing and produce less grease. When you start taking proper care of your hair, it will not get as greasy, it will adjust, I promise!”

So, why exactly should we cut our hair wash days down to two? Well, hair needs natural oils to keep it looking shiny and maintain its health. The combination of hot water and shampoo can cause your scalp to become dry, which in turn can actually create more problems than not washing it so often, like dandruff and flakiness. What’s more than this, it can dry out your hair (remember we mentioned the natural oils), which can cause it to split and break.

Allowing your hair to settle a number of days in between washes gives your scalp time to work its magic in hydrating and conditioning the rest of your hair.

But, as we said, it all comes down to your own hair and its needs, some people may have naturally oily hair that needs to be washed more often than twice a week, while others may have more textured hair that requires them to wash it once a week or less. It’s all about finding the right balance for you!