So, This Is The Bikini Wax Style That Irish Guys Love Most

But who are they to tell us what way we should style our pubes?

woman in pink briefs

The modern world has a weird relationship with female body hair. Unless it’s a full set of brows or long, luscious locks growing out of your head, society says you should shave it off and be thread-bare from the neck down.

Now a new study by Therapie Clinic has discovered the bikini wax style that Irish guys find most attractive, and not surprisingly, they prefer a Hollywood wax, AKA all off. In fact, 61% said they’d much prefer a woman who was completely bare ‘down there.’

This comes after a another survey, also conducted by Therapie Clinic, found that 52% of Irish guys find body hair unattractive and would encourage a woman to have it removed.

But this begs the question, who are they to tell us what way we should style our body hair? Bottom line, whether you choose to take it all off, keep a landing strip or let your lady garden grow wild and free, it’s entirely up to you.


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