SOSU By Suzanne Jackson Release Statement And Pull Palette From Sale Following Backlash

The palette relaunched earlier this week, but was later pulled with immediate effect after it began to trend on Twitter.

SOSU By Suzanne Jackson has issued a statement following controversy over the re-release of their palette Urban Bible in collaboration with Keilidh Cashell.

Taking to Instagram, the brand addressed fans upset over the product relaunch and noted that it was a “missed step on our behalf” to not inform Keilidh that the palette was going back on the market again.

With many concerns from fans over why Keilidh’s name wasn’t printed on the packaging of the palette, which was brought back in it’s original form, featuring the same design as when it first came out in 2018, the brand said:

“We truly believed that keeping the palette in its original form was a testament to Keilidh & the demand she had created for this product. Of course, as we were outside of contract, however, we could not print her name on the product.”

Keilidh, who has gone on to create her own successful makeup brand KASH beauty, shared her disappointment over the brand’s announcement to re-release the product without giving her a heads up. Noting that it was her first “big collection collab” as an MUA and content creator, Keilidh spoke out on her Instagram Stories prior to the statement release saying:

“SOSUbySJ have released our collaboration palette again. I don’t know anything about it, but from looking at what’s been put online, it seems to be the exact same palette, the only difference is my name is taken off it.

“I’m just really shocked. I knew nothing about this, I never knew they wanted to bring it back. No one reached out to me at all about this.”


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Now, as confirmed by the team at SOSU by Suzanne Jackson, the Urban Bible palette has been pulled from sale and the brand notes that with their “words of apology” towards Keilidh and their lack of communication with her, they also “want to show action” by removing all sales of the product.

Last night, Keilidh acknowledged the statement and noted that her upset never came from a “place of anger or hate”, adding that she’s looking forward to getting back to work and creating more incredible looks.


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