Spitting Image! Blac Chyna Just Dyed Her Hair Dark And She Looks Just Like Kim Kardashian

She's gone full Kardashian.

Blac Chyna

While Blac’s dramz with Kim, Kylie and co have been well documented, it seems that Rob’s fiance is making moves to look more like her feisty future in-laws, dying her signature platinum do a chocolate brown shade.

This Chocolate hair thou ? @kendrasboutique | @kellonderyck Makeup | @jolisarena

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Blac debuted the new look in a video on Instagram and the comments quickly rolled in about how closely her new look mirrored her soon-to-be sister-in-law’s Kim’s, with loads of commenters writing “Kim, is that you?”


Hair aside though, it’s seems that Blac also has Kim’s post-baby body in her sights too.

A source tells Hollywood Life, “Blac’s already on a mission to snap her stomach and booty back into shape immediately after she gives birth and she’s already interviewing several trainers and a chef to help her achieve her goal.”

Back in May, it was also reported that she had trademarked the name Angela Renee Kardashian to use after her marriage to Rob.

Looks like Blac’s really embracing her transition into full on Kardashianism.


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