Stacey Solomon Has Designed A Range For Penneys – And It’s Just As Bright And Bubbly As She Is

STELLAR chatted to the lady herself about her vision for the 'inclusive' collection.

Stacey Solomon has teaming with Penneys to design an AW18 collection that will suit everyone. With the range hitting stores everywhere this week, we caught up with the woman herself to chat all about her inspiration and vision behind the designs.

We couldn’t be happier that Stacey is collaborating with Penneys, our go-to for absolutely everything. Like us, the Loose Women presenter has been a long-term Penneys shopper, and this is just one of the reasons she was so excited to collaborate with the affordable fashion retailer.

“There’s just no question about it, Penneys is everything,” Stacey said. “I’ve shopped there since I was a kid and it’s completely natural. The best way to a collaboration is to do things that are true to yourself and Penneys really is something that’s true to me.”

Despite being an autumn/winter collection, a lot of the pieces in the range are bright and colourful, which is a breath of fresh air if you can’t stand the dull colour palette this season often entails.

“The range is really fun and bright and comfortable and accessible. There’s definitely some glitter in there, and I’ve got lots of leopard print too but in different colours.”

Stacey’s favourite pieces are two of the brightest and most fun in the collection, a red leopard print dress and bright green puffer jacket.

“There’s a red leopard print dress that I’m obsessed with because it’s dressy, but it’s also casual. It’s one of those things I know I’ll live in forever. There’s a big old green puffer jacket in there that I’m obsessed with [too].”

Puffa €30, Jumper €13

Dress €22, Shoes €16

One of the main things Stacey wanted to achieve when collaborating with Penneys was creating a collection that was comfortable and accessible for everyone, and that’s why she chose the tagline ‘Be Real’ to go alongside her funky designs.

“I tried everything on and it had to feel really comfortable,” she said. “I love prints and patterns and everything else, but if you’re comfortable it really takes an outfit to another level I think.

“I think [‘Be Real’] means that it’s so nice to feel comfy and happy in your own skin. The sizes in the range go from the smallest size that Penneys do to the biggest size that they do and it’s kind of just inclusive and for everyone.

“The collection had to be something that didn’t discriminate and didn’t make anyone feel they couldn’t be involved. We’re so passionate about making it your own personal story.”

The tagline of the collection is very relevant in Stacey’s life as of late. At the end of August she shared a photo of herself on the cover of Now magazine – the headline reading: “Stacey: ‘Boring’, ‘Desperate’, ‘Cheap’ – Why Fans Are SICK Of Her.” The singer/presenter drew attention to the article saying it was the meanest thing she’d ever seen, and wanted to remind the media that people in the public eye are human.

“I don’t want anyone to feel horrible or terrible about it, that’s not why I brought it to people’s attention. First and foremost I brought attention to it because it upset me and I think sometimes people don’t realise that people in the public eye are human beings, so just a little reminder that we are human!

“Fundamentally the message was to get across to anyone who can consume that type of information and see that in front of them that it’s not true and don’t let it talk you down or condition you into believing something that isn’t true.

“The intention was more to make other women aware that everything you read isn’t always that healthy,” she continued. “We all need to start building each other up, celebrating one another and looking after ourselves internally as much as we do externally.”

October is an exciting month all round for Stacey, having announced on Instagram on Thursday that she and boyfriend Joe Swash had officially moved in together. When we asked what she was most and least excited about moving in with her fellow presenter boyfriend, she answered:

“I’m most excited to have our families blended and all under one roof, and to have real structure and routine and tackling everything together. I’m least excited about washing the bath out after he’s had a spray tan. He does it himself and sprays the entire bathroom, he would never get in a booth. I have to do his back!”

Stacey’s collection will be in Penney’s everywhere from Thursday, we can’t wait to get our hands on it!


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