Stem Cell Revitalising Cream Is The Beauty Secret Michelle Keegan Forgot To Tell Us About

STELLAR's been sleuthing and we've unearthed a serious beauty find courtesy of Miss Keegan.


Although we reported on Michelle Keegans’ wedding beauty routine a couple of weeks ago, it seems the actress failed to document every tiny dermal detail in her Hello! blog. We can’t really blame Mrs. Wright for wanting to keep some things under wraps, if we knew the elixir to amazing skin, we’d probably do the same… or maybe not.

As chance would have it we recently sat down with dermatologist Dr. Vincent Wong, who revealed that Michelle used his new Stem Cell Revitalizing Cream before the big day. “I was actually preparing her skin for her wedding and I gave her a sample of my new super light, ultra gentle facial cream to try,” he whispered.


Each 30ml pot contains a combination of plant stem cell extracts from apple, hibiscus flower, grapeseed and gotu kola (an anti-ageing marvel). Add a smidge of hyaluronic acid here, some skin quenching oils there, and you’ve got yourself a beauty bonanza that will boost collagen development and protect skin from free radicals.

“I recommend using it in the morning and the evening”, says Dr. Wong. “It’s fantastic for inflam-ageing, a term I use to describe the process whereby inflammation ages the skin. This can happen through active diseases like acne, psoriasis and eczema or even lifestyle habits such as smoking, alcohol, sun exposure and pollution. My thinking is that if we can control the inflammation, we can get a better handle on the crows feet!”


“That fresh dewy feeling from @drvwong skincare”

And it seems our very own Nadia Forde is a fan – her Insta is filled with glowing reports of Dr. Wong’s skin savvy. Endorsed by two of our complexion girl crushes – we’ll be needing that cream, like NOW. Please and thank you.

Dr. Vincent Wong Stem Cell Revitalizing Cream, €120, is available at the Anne Rossi Clinic.