Team STELLAR’s YourGoodSkin 28 Day Challenge: The Results Are In

STELLAR promotion: How we got on after 28 days with Boots' exclusive skincare range, YourGoodSkin.

For the past 28 days, Team STELLAR has been on a journey with Boots’ exclusive skincare range, YourGoodSkin.

At the very beginning of the trial, my combination skin was in the midst of the worst breakout I’ve had in ages – it’s never usually without a spot at the best of times, but this was particularly bad for me. The YourGoodSkin range is all about balancing the skin, something I was sorely in need of, and I certainly was intrigued by the skin transformations I saw on the brand’s Instagram page.

Could my skin look as clear, refreshed and glowing as that after just 28 days? Now, at the end of my trial, I can happily say that it can.

I’ve been following a simple but effective routine consisting of the following three products:

Comforting Gel Cleanser (€7.99)

In the past, I’ve been guilty of using harsh cleansers that strip my skin in the name of fighting off oil and spots. Through using the Comforting Gel Cleanser, I’ve learned that my skin can be nourished and hydrated after cleansing, but still feel lovely and clean.

I love how it’s almost like a three-in-one product – it comes out as a gel, transforms into a makeup-dissolving oil when massaged on to dry skin, then with water becomes a milky solution that leaves the skin soft and supple. A great cleanser, and that price? It’s my new favourite.

Balancing Skin Concentrate (€21.99)

This is the hero product of the YourGoodSkin range – I’ve already delved deeper into it in this article, but I can tell you that it’s the ideal do-everything concentrate. It hydrates, provides instant radiance, regulates oiliness, smooths out texture and makes your skin tone more even.

After 28 days, my skin is baby soft and breakouts have been kept at bay. Even my acne scars, which usually hang around for AGES, are fading away fast (the Concentrate is formulated with Vitamin C, which is amazing for brightening skin and fighting pigmentation). If you’re looking to simplify your skincare routine, the Balancing Skin Concentrate would be a wonderful addition.

SPF 30 Anti-Oxidant Day Cream (€9.99)

I have a confession to make: I’m not great at using SPF. I don’t like layering too much underneath my makeup, and hadn’t found one that didn’t make me look greasy or leave a white cast on my skin. The ideal situation would obviously be a moisturiser/SPF hybrid, but they’re surprisingly rare at the lower end of the price range… until now.

The YourGoodSkin SPF 30 Anti-Oxidant Day Cream ticks all the right boxes – I’m slapping this on every morning and feeling protected, but not oily or ghostly. At this price, you have no excuse to go without SPF.

And now what you’ve all been waiting for… the before and after picture.

I’m really pleased with what the YourGoodSkin routine has done for my skin. I’ve gotten a few compliments about how healthy and radiant I’m looking, which certainly never happened before, and I feel confident to go foundation-free for the first time in a little while.

I love how the range is super affordable – you should be able to snap up an entire skincare routine for about €40, and it’s a skincare routine that works. The chic white and gold packaging looks gorge on my bathroom shelf, and I already know that the three products will be in regular rotation in my skincare routine. Job well done, YourGoodSkin.


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