The 5 Fashion Trends We’ll All Be Wearing This Spring According To Copenhagen Fashion Week

Those Danes, they know how to dress

Scandi style choices have become a subject of interest in recent years, and when Copenhagen Fashion Week rolls around fashion editors, writers, and lovers alike scramble to drool over the street style looks sported on pavements of the stylish city.

While the looks whizzing down the runways are the focal point of the event, we all secretly know that it’s the style of the attendees that are the real MVPs of fashion week.

From nonchalant neutrals to colours bolder than a rainbow, pleather to feathers, pretty much anything goes when dressing for Danish shows.

Because we take our jobs very seriously, we’ve spent quite a while scrolling through and analysing street style pictures from the week, like we said, all in the name of research. And we have noticed a few clear trends pop up again and again, which are a fair indication as to what we can expect to wear in the upcoming months.

Copenhagen Fashion Week recently launched a sustainability plan to help minimise negative environmental impact. Something we feel the street style reflected, while all of the looks sported were bang on trend, they are most definitely bits you pick up in your local vintage and charity shop.

Sustainable AND stylish, we stan.

Boxy Blazers

Pleather, plaid and tweed, we all have an oversized blazer lurking around somewhere, and if not, one trip to the chazza will bring you one. The Danes played around with clashing styles and paired them with floaty dresses and chunky boots.


In keeping with the coat theme, alongside big blazers were trench coats. The easiest way to give any outfit that cool fashion girl edge, the streets of Copenhagen were awash with these beige beauties and we need one hanging in our wardrobes asap.


We first saw this trend emerge early last year, and if this week is anything to go by it looks like it’s here to stay. Mixing different shades of the same colour is something the Danes have turned into an art form and we are taking notes, *grabs pen*.

Colourful Tights

The easiest (and cheapest) way to make any outfit interesting is by throwing on a pair of fun tights. Be it glitter, patterned or coloured, the Copenhagen streets were awash with a blend of colours and packing the most colourful punch were the gorge tights on show.


Yes yes, florals for Spring, groundbreaking, blah blah. But actually, this is though. Expect to see florals as you’ve never seen them before, we’re all familiar with the floral midi but this spring there will be floral coats, trousers and shorts popping up all over the gaff.