The 7 Fashion Items You Need This Season, According To Instagram

Praise be to the fashion bloggers bringing us affordable trends on the reg!

In this day and age influencers and fashion bloggers, are leading the way when it comes to the fashion industry.

Living up to their title, these sassy ladies are calling the shots regarding trends. They create and maintain them, while all of us duplicate. From tiny sunnies to midi skirts, you’ll find at least one thing on this list to add to your shopping cart.

The Straw Bag

This one may not be sticking around for too much longer now that summer is drawing to an end, so you might want to get your wear in while you can. Fashion bloggers around the globe are swapping their Gucci clutches for wicker bags and we can’t get enough. No, they’re not going to a picnic, but you would be surprised by the amount that can fit inside one of these babies. Practical and stylish.

The Matrix Sunnies

Always treat yourself with the kindness you deserve ?

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We’re not so sure on this one really, but we thought we would include it mostly because it is so popular in the blogging world that it’s a little hard to ignore. Perched on the nose of almost every blogger in the biz, this trend is maaaaybe a little less wearable than our other trends – but would look great in pictures. You know, doin’ it for the gram n’all that.

The Smocked Crop

Summertime magic ✨??

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The 90s called and they want their smock crop back – but soz 90s, no way are you getting this one, it is just TOO CUTE. Smocking has made a huge come back this summer and we are just hoping that it is set to continue into the autumn/winter – smocked winter dresses could definitely be a thing, right!?

The Midi Skirt

This trend is only beginning to pop its fabulous little head up, and we are so excited to see where it will go entering into the new season. The perfect transition from summer to autumn, we think this trend is destined for big things, and we are more than happy to get on board with it.

The Linen Trouser

Contrary to popular belief, you do not have to be a boat owner of a certain age and gender to rock linen. One of the world’s oldest fabrics, it has made a huge comeback this summer and is set to soar as the year continues. The only catch being, you might want to have your iron at hand, the thing creases like a fecker!

The Breezy Dress

Forget your LBD, the ‘breezy dress’ is the frock of the year – the kind of dress you just throw on but still look great in, no matter how little you try. We have seen every Instagrammer under the sun sporting one on their summer holliers this year and it has given us serious inspo. We in particular are loving an all white one, perfect if you have a tan!

The Ugly Trainer

Zara really doing bits right now????

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We reckon this one will be sticking around for the duration of the year. You may have squinted your eyes in disbelief when you first saw these, but they proved us all wrong and have only become even more popular in the fashion sphere since their debut. Sported by The Kardashian/Jenners and fashion bloggers alike, this may just be the comfiest trend out there right now. If you like comfort over style, then this may just be the fashion forward ticket for you!


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