The Best New Beauty Launches Of 2020 So Far

Already this year there have been so many new and exciting beauty launches.

We know, it’s only the middle of January, but already this year there have been so many new and exciting beauty launches.

First up, fans of Fenty Beauty will be excited to know they have finally launched a mascara. With a range that stocks foundation in every shade you can imagine, highlighters and eye shadow palettes it seems insane they haven’t had one until now.

But, mascara is notoriously one of the trickiest products to make. With many brand owners going through countless formulations to get it just right.

Full Frontal Volume Lift & Curl Mascara; €‌27.00 at

Well, we’re glad they waited as this mascara is amazing. The unique brush has two sides to it, one that gives perfectly defined and fanned out lashes (it’s also great on bottom lashes).

The other side has a fuller brush which you can use in layers to create thick and voluminous lashes.

Trilogy Hydrating Jelly Mask; €23.95 at

Trilogy have also re-imagined their infamous rosehip range with a new product, the Hydrating Jelly Mask.

As well as rosehip, which is fantastic at reducing scarring  and repairing the skin, there is also the addition of hyaluronic acid and Manuka honey. The texture of this mask is a jelly like consistency and we loved it.

It was gentle on the skin which is great if you have breakouts as it didn’t leave the face feeling dry or tight. Instead skin felt soft and hydrated.

Our top tip? Leave in the fridge as it’s divine if you have a puffy hungover face on a Sunday, this will sort your skin right out.


Allies of Skin Mandelic Pigmentation Corrector Night Serum; £99.00 at

Lastly, is an entirely new skincare range that has just launched in Space NK. Allies of Skin is a beauty brand based on science, so no buzz words like ‘clean’ or ‘non-toxic’ here.

All of the products are designed to be multi-tasking, that and the clever packaging make them great additions to your suitcase when travelling.

The products we’re most curious about? The Mandelic Pigmentation Corrector Night Serum is the brand’s best-seller and it’s great for pigmentation marks as well as any acne scarring.

Also intriguing is their range of sleep masks. Now we already love lashing on a hydrating sleep mask before bed on a Sunday, but these are all targeted at a different condition or issue. There’s one for hydration, brightening as well as blemish fighting.

Prices range from £60 – £122 and it’s now available in Space NK, Grafton Street and Caroline Hirons is a fan.


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