The Best Products To Try From The New Penneys PS… Pro Makeup Collection

STELLAR Promotion: A flawless base for less? Here's everything you need to know.

Ready to update your makeup bag, but your bank account just isn’t ready to take the plunge? Yep, I feel you. It can cost a pretty penny, but we’ve got some good news for you.

Penneys have added even more products to their amazing beauty range, with the PS… Pro Makeup Collection. With each launch, the products keep getting better and I’m here to shout from the rooftops and rave about the newest items, because, well I am in my element with the latest products in the PS… Pro Makeup Collection.

I tried a collection of the base products, and I’ll tell you, I am impressed. Although it was a hard decision, I’ve chosen five of the newest products from the PS… Pro Makeup Collection that are a must-have in your basket the next time you’re strolling around Penneys.

PS… Pro Makeup Longwear Natural Luminous Serum Foundation, €7

If you’re a fan of a luminous foundation, you’re gonna be obsessed with this beauty. Infused with a serum to care for your skin, it has a medium coverage then you can build up to achieve the exact finish you want while lasting all day long. Although it’s radiant and lightweight, it doesn’t move or shift on the skin, instead, it ensures you’re left with a gorgeous finish that will work with you throughout the day.

PS… Pro Makeup Longwear Radiant Matte Foundation, €7

Mot a fan of the luminous finish and prefer the matte look? You’re gonna love the PS… Pro Makeup Longwear Radiant Matte Foundation. For €7, it’s a longwear foundation with a stunning matte finish, perfect if you struggle with oily skin. With medium coverage, it has a gorgeous, lightweight finish that you can easily build up if you’d prefer more coverage.

Plus, it’s enriched with pomegranate extract which can help to prevent free radical damage, reduce hyperpigmentation caused by sun exposure. A must-have!

PS… Pro Makeup Camouflage Flawless Matte Concealer, €4

For me, a concealer needs to be full coverage while looking natural and lasting all day long. It’s harder to get than you think, but the Flawless Matte Concealer ticks all of the boxes for me. Infused with Ginger and Vitamin B5 to help keep skin soft, smooth and healthy, it’s full coverage with a longwear and natural finish.

A little goes a long way with this, so you won’t be sitting there for what seems like forever building up your coverage and blending it out. For just €4, it’s an absolute steal.

PS… Pro Makeup Face Precision Brushes, from €4

One thing that many of us are guilty of when it comes to our daily beauty routines is not replacing our makeup brushes. Using the same brush for years, until well after the end of its life. Penneys have now launched some gorgeous brushes as part of the PS… Pro Makeup Collection and they’re worth every penny.

Two that spring to mind immediately are the Flathead Contour Brush, €4 and the Foundation & Concealer Blending Brush, €4. The foundation and concealer brush works perfectly with liquid and cream products, ensuring that everything blends like an absolute dream. While the flathead contour brush is the perfect size and shape to build up your contour to the depth you like. Super soft, yet hard-working and vegan friendly too.

PS… Pro Makeup Natural Finish Flawless Powder + Foundation, €5

Whether you’re a fan of powder foundation, or like your power to add to your coverage, let us introduce you to the PS… Pro Makeup Natural Finish Flawless Powder + Foundation. Another option with buildable coverage, so you can pick and choose whether or not you’d like less or more coverage. It’s also enriched with aloe vera and maca powder (which helps to reduce the effects of ageing), and gives a soft-focus and perfecting finish.

Plus, just like the rest of the new products in the PS… Pro Makeup Collection, it’s vegan friendly too.

You can shop the PS… Pro Makeup Collection at Penneys stores nationwide now.