The ‘Cool Girl’ Blazer Is So Hot Right Now, And Here’s Where You Can Get Your Hands On It

An oversized blazer? For winter? Groundbreaking.

Okay, hear us out. While rocking an oversized blazer during the colder months isn’t exactly anything new, it appears that there is a certain ‘cool girl’ blazer doing the rounds over on Instagram. And we have decided to investigate.

Fashion influencers and lovers alike have been swooning over a certain wool blazer for some time now, with it cropping up in new colours quicker than you can say basic.

However, basics aside, those rocking this allusive blazer do all seem to strike that perfect balance between looking nonchalant yet still put together, leading us to the conclusion that we very much want this cult piece hanging in our own wardrobes.

So, where can we get our grubby little paws on it?! We hear you cry. Well, it appears that fashion brand & Other Stories are the ones responsible for the brilliantly basic piece.

The boxy blazer comes in, as we suspected, SEVEN different colours, meaning that you can rock a different one every single day of the week. However, it does come in at €179 apiece, so owing one for every day of the week might just set you back a little bit.

If you don’t have those sort of founds, (and if you do, tell us your secrets), then we suggest opting for the mint green or light beige, as both are sure to add a little pop to your winter wardrobe, and will see you through the transitioning seasons too.

Wool Blend Oversize Blazer – & Other Stories