The Horrifying Thing Dry Shampoo Could Be Doing To Your Hair

Love to spritz and go? Us too, but overusing dry shampoo can have fairly nasty consequences.

woman using dry shampoo

Picture the scene: it’s 6.45am and your alarm has just started screeching beside your head. That can only mean one thing: it’s time to get up and deal with your messy, greasy mane of hair.

You have two options, get up now and wash, blow dry and style that mane into a Jennifer Aniston-worthy do, or give yourself an extra 45 minutes in bed and quick-fix your hair with a can of dry shampoo when you get up instead.

If you’re anything like us, nine times out of 10 you’ll choose the latter, but overdoing it with that super convenient, time-saving powdered spray can have pretty serious consequences.

Yep, according to hairdressers it can lead to itching, flaking and – eek!- bald patches.

It’s not designed to be used on a regular basis.

“Dry shampoo is phenomenally popular, but it’s not designed to be used on a regular basis,” celebrity hairstylist Lee Stafford told the Daily Mail.

“It contains an oil-absorbing substance to soak up the grease, but if it’s used constantly it’s going to dry out the hair and the scalp and make it flaky. If it’s left on the hair too long it can also clog up the pores, leading to spots and sore patches.” Ouch!

But thankfully you don’t need to swear off it completely to avoid your hair falling out, you just need to use it less frequently; trichologist Iain Sallis suggests keeping it to a once a week habit.

‘It won’t do you any harm if you use it occasionally, when you really don’t have time to wash your hair,’ he explains, meaning some mornings we can stay clutching the duvet just that little bit longer. Aah.


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