The Hottest Scents Your Need In Your Handbag This SS22

You’ll be getting Anthony Bridgerton-style sniffs all summer long

We are FINALLY seeing some good weather so you know what that means. Spring is here! I couldn’t be more excited to see the longer evenings and just to have a bit of sun. It’s beautiful even thinking about it. 

But now that sunshine is in our midst and I can stop wearing my fur coat, it’s that time of year to switch up your scent. 

You can’t beat a new perfume, it makes you feel like you’re changing your identity for a season. Well, to me anyway! It’s such a subtle way to shake things up in your life and transition into the new season. 

So without further adieu, here are 8 gorgeous Spring and Summer perfumes for 2022! 

Zara’s Cherry Smoothie 

Starting off with a stunningly affordable option. From their new Spring 22 scent collection, Cherry Smoothie is apparently the perfect dupe for Tom Ford’s Lost Cherry and for a crazy €15.95, you can’t go wrong! This perfume will give you the perfect transitional spring scent with hints of vanilla but the freshness of cherry AND on a budget? Please and thank you.  

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Gucci Flora Gorgeous Gardenia

An oldie but a goodie. For spring, you can never go wrong with a floral scent, and what better floral scent than Flora? It may not meet a Zara price point but at €95 for 50ml from a designer brand like Gucci, we can’t resist. Coming into the spring months, it is the perfect mix of scents with notes of white gardenia, pear blossom and jasmine. A scent Harry Styles would approve of. 

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Marc Jacobs Daisy Skies 

Moving away from his classic Daisy, this limited edition Jacobs scent will have you so unbelievably ready for the later spring months. Staying on the theme of florals, this perfume not only has beautiful packaging but it’s also loaded with the best scents for spring! Daisy Skies will have you smelling of violets and lotus flowers, giving you a fresh kind of floral and is priced at €70 so it won’t hurt too much to buy!

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Maison Margiela Replica – Springtime in a Park 

This perfume will be your new go-to if you are a Jane Austen or Bridgerton fan! Springtime in a Park does exactly what it says on the tin. Wearing this fruity perfume will feel like you’re relaxing after a promenade around the ton, looking for a possible love match. How could you not love it?! With notes of pear, lilies (if you know, you know) and blackcurrant, this perfume will leave you wanting no other scent for spring and summer. Priced at €55.45, it is a yes from me!

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Jo Malone Grapefruit Cologne 

Moving away from the florals of spring and onto more fruity scents for summer, this is the perfect starter summer perfume! Described as an uplifting and refreshing scent, the grapefruit mixed with the notes of peppermint will surely remind you of the perfect sun holiday. Jo Malone packaging is to die for too, and at €61, it will give you that ‘clean girl’ feeling all summer long! 

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Tom Ford Eau De Soleil Blanc 

This stunning citrus for summer will honestly have every person you meet ask you what perfume you’re wearing. The notes of orange add such a beautiful summer feel to this fragrance and have been described to be quite seductive, so you will be swatting away suitors this summer! When you smell this scent, if you close your eyes you can almost see the most gorgeous sunset. Priced at €106.45, it is honestly so worth it. 

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Vilhelm Parfumerie Manjo Skin 

A wild scent for a wild gal. This perfume is inspired by the colours produced by South Africa. With it’s peppery and fruity notes, the mango mixed with pepper gives an earthy feel to what could have been quite sweet. It is the perfect fragrance for someone who wants fruity notes without it being overpowering. At €135 it is a luxury but one that we would indulge in. 

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DedCool Red (Dakota)

This perfume has a little bite to it, with its citrus-inspired scent! While it wouldn’t be the first thought for many people in regard to perfumes, it is most definitely talked about. Many people have described this as their favourite citrus scent, overtaking many popular perfumes. You will be bombarded with the question of what are you wearing while wearing this scent which you can buy for €130. You can thank me later. 

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By Sadhbh O’Hara 

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