The Major Skincare Mistake You’re Definitely Making, According To Miranda Kerr’s Facialist

It can cause everything from acne to dry skin and excess oil.

Miranda Kerr

She counts top models like Miranda Kerr, Irina Shayk and Lindsay Ellingson among her client list, so it’s fair to say New York-based facialist Ildi Pekar knows a thing or two about good skincare.

Namely, in an interview with Byrdie she points to one major misdemeanor that’s ruining our skin.

“The biggest mistake I see clients do is either overdoing or underdoing it when it comes to skincare. It’s rare where I see a client providing themselves with a balance skincare routine and products,” she explains.

“I often see women who are doing a number of treatments per week that can sometimes be totally unnecessary to their skin in repetitive forms; sometimes doing too much on the skin can irritate it more. I also see women who come in who aren’t taking the right steps to maintain or prevent some skin issues that their skin will start to show later on.”

So which girl are you? The one who has stack loads of lotions and potions crammed into her bathroom cabinet and is always the first to book in for the latest facial or skincare treatment, or the girl who can barely be bothered to swipe a face wipe over her skin at the end of the long day.

Both habits can be equally damaging to your skin, but there is a way to strike a balance.

For Ilda Pekar your first port of call should be to see a skin specialist who will advise you on what products you need, but if that’s a little out of your budget, you can simply rely on some good old self diagnosis.

Take the trial and error approach by pinpointing each individual skin issue and researching the best way to combat it. You can load up on free advice – and if you’re lucky, samples – from skincare counters too.

After all, nobody knows your skin better than you.


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