The Makeup Items You Have To Put In Your Liquids Bag At The Airport, And The Ones You Don’t

Is lipstick a liquid? Finally, a straight answer.

As IF anyone’s liquids bag has ever looked like this, let’s be real.

We’re in the height of summer, and everyone is taking off for sun holidays and European mini-breaks and whatever you’re having yourself.

And while that’s all very nice, it does present a very frustrating issue: Packing your carry-on. More specifically, packing your liquids bag to present at security.

It should be easy – liquids are, well, liquid – but with makeup, things gets complicated. Do lipsticks fall into that category? What about mascara? Why is it that sometimes they ask you to put a particular item in, and other times tell you to take it out? It’s confusing!

To clear things up, we got on to Dublin Airport to see if they had any hard rules about which cosmetics need to be in the baggies and which do not – and helpfully, they provided us with a little list.

Here’s what they’ll want to see in your liquids bag at Dublin Airport (in quantities of 100ml or less, of course):

  • Foundation, setting spray, primer, concealer, cream blush, lip gloss, and glitter gel. Cream contour palettes are also expected to fit into the bag, so maybe leave that at home and take a powder contour product instead.
  • Eyeliner, eyebrow gel, mascara, cream eyeshadow and eyelash glue (that’s an easily forgotten one, so keep it in mind so you don’t have to go rooting in the bag for it at security).
  • Dry shampoo (yep, not so ‘dry’ after all), hair spray, and any hair styling mousses or creams.
  • Skincare products like moisturisers, lotions, creams, toners, micellar waters, oils… and of course, perfume.

The happy news is that you can bring as many regular lipsticks in your carry-on as you want. Go mad with the lipsticks! Liquid lipsticks, however, would fall under the same category as lip glosses, and must go into the plastic bag.

All powders and powder blushes are good to go in your carry-on, as are solid lip balms and solid deodorants – but gel lip balms and liquid, gel or spray deodorants are for your baggie.

Hopefully this all makes it a bit clearer, and we won’t have to fumble in our suitcases lightly perspiring as airport security staff and hordes of our fellow (now slightly annoyed) passengers look on. Happy holidays!


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