The Secret To Thicker Brows? This 25c Kitchen Cupboard Staple

Well, at least according to one blogger

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Conditioning gels, growth serums, brow oils – our bathroom shelves are heaving with supposed eyebrow-enhancing products, but it turns out the key to thicker brows might be a whole lot simpler (and cheaper) than that.

Beauty blogger Farah Dhukai swears by onions as a natural hair thickener, and says they’ve worked wonders for her brow game.

Nope, we kid you not. Farah claims that by rubbing onion juice on your brows for at least five minutes a day over a couple of weeks, you’ll see faster hair growth, thanks to the high levels of sulphur present in the liquid.

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If the thought of having a chunk of onion that close to your face makes you want to puke, you can also squeeze the onion juice onto a cotton bud before applying it. After allowing the liquid to do its work for a few minutes, be sure to wash it off with water or a gentle cleanser, to avoid smelling like someone’s lunch leftovers all day.

Of course, as with many questionable beauty hacks, the onion juice trick doesn’t exactly get a glowing recommendation from the experts.

US dermatologist Kavita Mariwalla explains that while sulphur can help to stimulate head hair growth – especially for those who suffer from alopecia – it has never been proven to work on brows.

“Usually thinned brows are due to overplucking and waxing,” she tells Allure magazine. “I don’t want people to think that putting onion juice on every day is going to suddenly give them luscious, thick brows.”

Well, that’s us told. But it won’t stop us trying it at least once…