There’s A Legit Scientific Reason Why One Eyebrow Always Looks Better Than The Other

Repeat after us... Sisters, not twins. Sisters, not twins.

lily v

If you’re as brow-obsessed as us, you’ve no doubt noticed that you have one Great Brow and one, eh, Not-So-Great Brow.

On one side, the hairs all grow in the same direction, while on the other they’re every which way. Or one brow is full and never needs pencilling in, while the other is gap city. What gives?!

Well, apparently the difference in our brows isn’t down to bad maintenance or a curse from the brow gods. Instead, it’s all down to science.

“Each brow has different muscle movement,” brow expert Tonya Crooks explains to Popsugar.


“Sometimes this is caused by what side you’re sleeping on, [which can make] the muscles on one side [of your face} weaker than the other. Sometimes it is due to how you naturally show expression.”

And fear not, because it’s not too late to fix what years of right-side sleeping has done to your poor right brow.

“The first thing I try to do with my clients is, like scales, balance the brows by giving a little to one and taking a little from the other over time to create a more symmetrical effect,” Tonya says.

If you’re looking to re-balance your brows at home, Tonya suggests stepping back from the mirror after every few strokes of your eyebrow pencil or plucks of your tweezers.

“You have to look at your face and adjust the steps slightly per brow,” she explains.

So could this be the end of Asymmetrical Brow Syndrome forever? We certainly hope so…