There’s Actually A Cute Reason Behind The Names Of Some Of The Items On ASOS

Who knew?

If you spend quite a bit of time on ASOS, which we do and absolutely no shame in it, you’ve probably gotten to know it a little bit.

Maybe you have a favourite model, or a section you like to haunt, or a cool ASOS gal you follow on Instagram.

What you may not have noticed is that some of the items have actual names, while others just get descriptions. This bra is called Maddie, for example:

These flats are called Lucy:

And this particular jeans wash is named Grace:

Twitter user Lucy Gedney explained the reason behind this seemingly random naming of products, and it’s really rather nice.

If an item of clothing has someone’s name at the start of it, it means that person has been at the company for a certain amount of years so they are rewarded with having something named after them, who knew?

ASOS menswear buyer Chloé O’Keefe confirmed this in a response to the tweet, saying you can pick any item and any name you like:

Sweet! So next time you notice an ASOS own-brand item with it’s own special name, you’ll know it’s inspired by one of their staff. Sweet!


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