These 5 Foundation Mistakes Are Why Your Make-Up Tends To Look Like Sh*t By 5pm

Get your base right, and the rest will follow.

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Many of us work at 9-5 day, but our make-up tends not to follow suit.

Even if you leave the house with flawlessly applied foundation, eyeshadow and lippie, the only way to ensure you’re still looking presentable by COB is to re-apply a few times a day, and who has time for that?

As many make-up artists will tell you, the key to long-lasting foundation is not generally the amount of product you apply, but how you do it, and what condition your skin is in beforehand.

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Behold, five foundation application mistakes that are keeping you from the holy grail that is long-lasting make-up.

1. You’re using the wrong base for your skin type
Not all foundations are created equal, and most formulas are aimed at different skin types. A light mousse or less emollient product will suit oilier skins, while dry-skinned ladies should go for creamier, richer formulas that won’t cake off.
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2. You’re skipping primer
Choose a silicone-based primer to allow foundation to adhere to your skin better. Applying a tinted moisturister or BB cream before your foundation is another surefire way to improve its staying power, while also giving evening out your skin tone.

3. You haven’t been exfoliating
Even the most hydrating foundation can’t rid your skin of dry or flaky patches, so be sure to exfoliate at least twice a week to keep things in check. The smoother your skin is, the better a base it is for foundation.

4. You’re smearing or wiping the foundation onto your face
You can still get a long-lasting base if you use your fingers to apply foundation, but the key is in how you do it. Rather than smearing the product across your face, take a little longer and use the brush or the pads of your fingers to apply it in small circular motions. This will ensure the product sinks in rather than sitting on top of your skin.


5. Your daytime moisturiser is too heavy
Even with a light day cream, you should be giving your moisturiser a few minutes to sink in before applying foundation. Heavier face creams are a no-no if you want foundation that lasts all day, so choose a lightweight lotion-like formula.


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