These Noughties Trends Are Back And We’re Living For ‘Em

The return of the noughties is fully in swing, and the gals are HERE for it.

Gorgeous gorgeous girls follow hair trends, and the newest trend in town is a return to the noughties. The era of micro bags, cowboy boots, and even the dreaded low-rise jean has circled back around, and of course, the hairstyles of the ’00s are back with a bang, too.

We’ve been gathering inspo from our favourite celebs who are embracing the moment, and making long-lost relics like butterfly clips cool once more.

Curtain Bangs

Ahh curtain bangs, we missed you. Lately, queen of the noughties, JLo has been spotted sporting some downright gorgeous windswept bangs, and check out Yara Shahidi ringing in the new year with some fab curly curtains.

Crimped Waves

No really, we’re not trying to pull your leg here. Crimping is back. It may not be for the faint-hearted, but who better to pull it off than Kim Kardashian and Beyonce herself?


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How cute are these plaits that look straight from a 2002 sleepover movie? Dua Lipa and Peggy Gou show us how it’s done. From basic to French plaits and everything in between, long live this iconic hairstyle.

The Mini Bun

Ah, the mini bun! This takes us right back, check out Kourtney K proving that they’re not just for noughties Gwen Stefani. Ideal for rolling out of bed or the low maintenance look that the gym requires. Ideal.


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The ‘Messy’ Bun

No longer does your messy bun have to look imperfectly perfect, this is the trend that low maintenance gals everywhere have been sporting for who knows how long. Lazy gals, I feel you. Bella Hadid and Megan Thee Stallion make it look easy with big, tousled buns.


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Not for everyone, but certainly not just for primary school! Hailey Bieber and Ariana Grande make us feel like the sparkly barrettes we once loved never truly left us.

So it’s true; the noughties hairstyles have well and truly arrived. Now there’s nothing left to do but put on the Spice Girls, crack out the blue eyeshadow, and try one out!

Words by Aoife Codykane


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