‘They’re Exactly The Same’: Kylie Jenner Has Been Accused Of Ripping Off Her Fans

It's more dramz for Kylie Cosmetics.

Kylie Jenner

There’s barely a week goes by that Kylie Jenner and her beauty brainchild Kylie Cosmetics don’t undergo some sort of online backlash concerning the quality of her products, and this week is no different.

This time, Kylie stands accused of repackaging her lipsticks and reselling them as limited edition products.

Fans on Twitter noticed the similarities between Kylie’s lip shade ‘Blitzen’ from her Holiday Collection and ‘Spice’, which was one of Kylie’s earlier shades.

Cue loads of tweets claiming Kylie had slyly tried to pass one shade of as another, and then slapped a limited edition price tag on it.

It’s obvious why fans aren’t happy too. After all, you can purchase ‘Blitzen’ as part of a set of mini lip kits for $36, while ‘Spice’ retails for $29 on its own.

Of course, it’s worth noting that many brands release very similar shades, each with a slightly different undertone to achieve your exact match, so it’s plausible that Kylie may have done the same.

There’s no word from Kylie yet though, so it can’t be said for definite whether or not the two lipsticks really are the same shade or just very, very similar.

Still won’t stop us buying them all anyway, TBH.


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