This Actress Is Basically Selena And Kendall Combined, And The Internet Is (Understandably) Obsessed

An Aussie gal with LA looks.

Screen Shot 2016-07-05 at 14.59.36

Meet Maia Mitchell. She’s 22, she grew up in New South Wales in Australia, and she had a slew of Aussie TV roles before being cast in her first US TV show, Disney Channel’s Jessie, in 2013.

Unless you’re a fan of Aussie or American teen TV (or watch The Fosters, in which she currently starts as Callie Foster), you’ve probably never heard of her.

But no doubt her face seems fairly familiar.

Why? Well, if you hadn’t copped by our headline, Maia just so happens to be the absolute spit of two very famous faces: Kendall Jenner and Selena Gomez.

Here’s Kendall versus Maia:



And here’s Selena next to her:


Oh, and do we see a hint of Vanessa Hudgens in there too?


Yup, she’s a doppelgänger alright, and the internet can’t cope.

We sense you’ll be seeing a lot more of this girl in years to come.


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