This Batsh*t Viral Video Proves That Contouring Has Officially Gone Too Far

Srsly, enough already.

Full Body Contouring

Lets get real, contouring is a major effort and these days we only reserve it for big nights out and special occasions, instead opting for a quick swipe of highlighter and a little bronzer for our everyday make-up look.

Bu make no mistake, contouring isn’t dead yet. Nope, it’s well and truly alive as this viral full body contouring video proves.

In the vid, which is an Instagram clip from IGer Lilly Ghalichi, a model is covered from head to toe in cream contour, before it’s blended out with a make-up brush; a process which we can only imagine must have taken upwards of an hour to do.

We’ll admit, the results are pretty impressive, adding a naturally airbrushed effect to the skin, but really, when are you ever going to want to do this?

Whaddya reckon? Amaze-o beauty hack or TOO. MUCH EFFORT?