This Beauty Sponge May Or May Not Look Like A Penis

What a questionable shape.

YouTube: PopLuxe

There are so many variations of beauty sponge out there, but this one might be the most interesting.

Sephora recently released their new Ocean Crush Sponge Set – two cute little peach beauty sponges in the shape of a sea shell.

However, a lot of people aren’t seeing the sponge as the little sea shell it’s been designed to look like. No no, all they’re seeing is a penis.

The people of Twitter have an awful lot to say about the penis blender, and it’s gas:

If the tweets weren’t enough, the reviews on the Sephora website will have you in stitches.

i love bringing back the blending my makeup w/ a ballsack trend wow

If I wanted a tiny orange …. seashell on my face, I’d call Donald Trump. No, wait. Actually, I’d rather die. I’ll order the sponges.

Ummmmm, at least it’s circumcised????!!!

Does this sponge look like a sea shell to you or do you need some mind bleach?


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