This Deodorant Make-Up Hack Comes With A Massive Warning From Dermatologists, BTW

Er, maybe it's better to give this one a miss.

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We’ve tried putting onion juice on our brows, and using a sock to apply foundation (it works!), but this is one beauty hack we might just stay away from.

Blogger Shabnam Khawja had beauty junkies running to their local pharmacies last week when she posted a video suggesting that roll-on deodorant was the perfect base for long-wearing foundation.

A video posted by Shabnam H. Khawja (@s_hossine) on

Shabnam suggested applying (new) roll-on to your forehead, nose and chin to mattify the area, just as you would with a primer, and even whipped out her Dove stick deo to show how it was done.

“Putting a stick of deodorant on your face may sound ridiculous, but the powdery ingredients can help mattify the face,” she explained in an Instagram video. “Also, some natural deodorants include mineral salts that can help dry out zits and bacteria-fighting ingredients that can also curb breakouts.”

So far, so well-researched, right? Wrong, it seems. Unfortunately for Shabnam, some dermatologists have already shared their vehement disapproval for her hack.

“Using either an antiperspirant or deodorant on your face could lead to irritation, allergic reactions, and possibly breakouts,” Dr Christine Choi Kim tells Seventeen magazine.

Plus, she says that unless you’re using an anti-perspirant and not just a deodorant, all the product will do is make your face smell nice. Instread, Dr Kim recommends a mattifying gel or serum made specifically to reduce shine on the face… not the underarms.