This Dublin Woman’s €45 ‘Professional’ Makeover Turned Out All Kinds Of Wrong

A nightmare experience.

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When you book in for a hair or beauty appointment, you’re often putting yourself at the mercy of a total stranger.

For the most part, things go off without a hitch, but most of us can recall at least one haircut or Debs make-up disaster we’d really rather forget. There’s nothing worse than realising that the person you’ve entrusted your face to has a VERY different idea of what a “defined brow” means than you do…

That’s what happened to Tallaght woman Shauna Adamson recently, after she headed to a department store make-up counter to get her face done for a friends 21st, and ended up looking more glitterball than glam. Having initially posted pictures of the finished look to Facebook – before she fixed it herself at home – Shauna’s experience has gone viral.

Speaking to Metro UK, Shauna said she asked for a “full coverage, sparkly eyes look,” but was NOT happy with what she saw in the mirror at the end.

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“I looked in the mirror and though I knew it wasn’t the best, I thought I could fix it with a bit more blending when I got home,” she said.

Rather than complain, Shauna decided to deal with the mess herself back home.

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“I told the girl it was okay and paid 45 euro. I didn’t realise how bad the whole thing was until I got home and checked it in natural lighting – that’s when I took the pictures,” she says. “I scrubbed the whole thing off and restarted myself.”

Thankfully, Shauna’s DIY job came out much better than her “professional” department store look, but if she’d been running short on time it could have been a TOTAL make-up disaster.

Our advice?

If you’re thinking of getting your make-up done for an event, we’d suggest booking in for a test run, or asking around for recommendations. Oh, and always have a pack of make-up wipes handy…

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