This Girl Burnt Her Brows Off The Day Before Her Debs But Totally Made It Work

Dress, tick. Shoes, tick. Brows, er....


When 18-year-old Jawa El-Shanti was planning out her make-up look for her Debs, she didn’t factor in having to draw on an entirely new pair of eyebrows.

The teen, from Madaba, Jordan, headed off for some pre-graduation pampering at the Dead Sea with her mum, one day before her final high school dance took place. The Dead Sea is known for its mineral-rich mud and, like many of those who visit, Jawa slathered the mud all over her body to help soften the skin.

But it was when she decided to give herself a mini-facial that things started to go very, very wrong.

“I tied my hair up and applied the mud onto my face,” Jawa explained to Seventeen magazine.

“A couple of minutes later, I realised an itching sensation on my forehead, but I ignored it thinking that this was the mud doing its ‘magic.'”

It wasn’t until she washed off the mud that Jawa realised the skin around her eyebrows had suffered an allergic reaction to the mud.

“I… looked up to see my mum’s horrified face looking back,” she recalls.

“My eyebrows were gone! And the area around them was scarred with an eyebrow shaped mark. The eyebrow makeup had reacted with the mud and salty water. I came home to barely existing eyebrows and a burned body.”


Source: Jawa El-Shanti/

With her Debs just 24 hours away and a beauty dilemma that was “way out” of her area of make-up expertise, Jawa visited a local salon and explained the issue. Thankfully, it was a relatively easy fix.

“The makeup artist used darker shades and more products to ensure my eyebrows looked natural and full for prom,” Jawa says.

And just look!

Screen Shot 2016-05-23 at 15.42.38

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You’d honestly NEVER know.

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Thank god for brow pencils, amirite?