This Irish MUA Filmed With One Of The World’s Biggest YouTubers And The Results Were Amazing

This is amazing!

We LOVE these two!

Irish MUA Keilidh Cashell has appeared alongside makeup superstar MannyMua in his latest Youtube video, and we LOVE it!

The Co.Monaghan artist has amassed over 260k Instagram followers since showcasing her incredible talents, leading her to win the online competition to get the opportunity to film the video with Manny.

Founder of Lunar Beauty, Manny has over 5 million subscribers on Youtube, and is one of the world’s most well known online makeup artists.

MY VIDEO WITH @mannymua733 IS NOW LIVE ON HIS CHANNEL! I laughed so much watching this back, Manny truly is the sweetest and funniest person ever I cannot stress that enough.. and I know he’s gonna be embarrassed reading this ?? such an amazing experience, with someone I have looked up to for years! The reason I am keilidh ‘mua’ is because of him dontcha know? ?? definitely check out the video if you haven’t already, we had some laugh and I tried teaching him the Irish way lol ? . P.S. I see some of you guys giving out about the title, and I understand where you’re coming from and I appreciate your support so much.. BUT.. lads cmon, the man flew me out to LA and gave me this amazing opportunity and platform.. he can call me whatever he wants I couldn’t give a shite!! ? I know a lot of you have been supporting me forever, but the reality is that a huge majority of his following wouldn’t have known who I was if they seen my name, we discussed the title after we filmed and if this is gonna get more views then it’s gonna benefit me anyways! I entered a subscriber competition, I sat beside him as a subscriber, as a fan who has followed him for years, there’s nothing demeaning about that! No amount of followers is gonna change that. This was an incredible, insane experience for me, Manny sang my praises through the video, and I just don’t want any negativity around it.. especially from my side! He’s the best person ever and I hope you show him as much love and kindness as he has shown me ? and again A HUGE BIG FAT THANK YOU to everyone who voted and made this happen. Counting my blessings every single day and I hope I’m doing you proud! ? my vlog on this whole experience will be up tomorrow on my channel! #keilidhmua #lunarbeauty #mannymua #la

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The link to the full video is here, so take a look at their hilarious attempts to use each other’s makeup, and Manny gives Keilidh’s Monaghan accent a good go too!

We love seeing the Irish do well, and this sort of talent deserves to be recognised on the world’s stage!

Congrats Keilidh, keep doing what you’re doing!


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