This Is The Lip Colour Jennifer Aniston Always Wore On Friends

The ultimate 90s lipstick.

Jennifer Aniston

The dream of the 90s is still very much alive in the beauty world – KKW Beauty recently brought out a collection inspired by the OG supermodels, and dark lipliner is even seeing a resurgence (shiver).

But it’s not often that an actual 90s icon spills some insider beauty info, and Jennifer Aniston has done just that.

In a recent interview with PopSugar, Jen An was asked what she thinks her Friends character Rachel Green would have in her makeup bag – and she had a very clear idea.

“MAC Paramount, particularly that colour of lipstick,” she said. “And Aveeno, of course, because after all it was the 90s.”

Now Jennifer is a spokesperson for Aveeno, so she has to say that, but the lipstick? That’s a good little nugget.

MAC Paramount is a deep reddish-brown shade, which Rachel wore in various iterations over the early seasons of the show:

To our eyes, Rachel kept it pretty soft and blotted, but you can really dial up the drama if you wanted to.

Happily, Paramount is still part of MAC’s lipstick offerings, and that slice of beauty history can be yours for €20. Best dig it out again, Jen…


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