This New Dr Pimple Popper Video Is Super Vile But Oh-So-Satisfying

Prepare for puss: zit-zapping doc Dr Pimple Popper's new video is seriously gross, but we just can't look away.

A few weeks ago here at STELLAR HQ we uncovered a sick obsession; we are all shades of addicted to Dr Sandra Lee’s Youtube channel and Instagram, two accounts dedicated to graphic blackhead extraction and pimple-popping vids that are super gick – but impossible to look away from.

Now the doc is back with another gross and graphic vid. Prepare for puss; It’s over eight-minutes of zit-zapping, blackhead-extracting satisfaction. This time, it’s not just boring old blackheads though: oh no – Dr Sandra’s extracting solar comedones and the fattest, whitest looking millia you’ve ever seen. Bonus? They’re right by the eye…

So, are you game?

We suggest you watch it right through to the end… if you can.