Tired? This 3-Step Concealer Trick Will Have You Looking Fresh In A Flash

Had a wild weekend and don't want it to show? Get your game face on with this three-step concealer technique.

Concealer Trick

Long weekends are great, but somehow we always return to work on a Tuesday feeling more tired than we did before we had the extra day off. We’re blaming the extra time spent down the pub. #Oops.

But we’ve got work to do (sad face) and even if we aren’t feeling too fresh, we certainly want to look it, so we’ve turned to our trusty concealer trick to ensure we’re looking our best.

Here’s how…


Start with a brightening serum under the eyes like No. 7 Youthful Eye Serum, €25.25. A pro tip? Tap it onto the skin to help improve blood flow to the area, and in turn reduce puffiness. Next up you’ll want to nix dark circles. Grab a red lippie (stay with us here), an orangey red tone is best, and using your finger smudge it under the eyes. While you may look like an extra in a horror movie right now, this trick is super effective because the red tones in your lippie, help to counteract the blueish-purple tones that appear under your eyes after a night of no kip.


Now grab a cream concealer like Catrice Coverstick, €3.49. Apply it in dots under the lash line to begin, and then extend out into a full triangle under the eyes. Blend it out with a beauty blender.


The next step is to set the concealer to ensure it stays put all day. Grab a slightly damp sponge or beauty blender, and with a light hand, use it to apply translucent powder over the top of your concealer. Then Leave the powder there for five or 10 minutes to set (go make yourself a cuppa in the meantime.) The last step? Use a powder brush and blend. Dark circles? What dark circles?