Twins? Fans Think They’ve Found Jade Thirlwall’s Doppelgänger And She’s Pretty Famous

The Little Mix star is "more than happy" with the comparison!

Fans of Little Mix star, Jade Thirlwall, are convinced they’ve found her doppelgänger, and the lookalike is fairly famous in her own right.

People have been comparing her to Canadian actress, Vanessa Morgan, who also has long, wavy hair and plump, pouting lips. Can you see the resemblance in the pic below?

People have been tweeting the stars saying, “Vanessa Morgan and Jade kinda look alike” and “I literally thought Jade Thirlwall and Vanessa Morgan were the same person.”

Then Vanessa called out to see if anyone else saw the resemblance.

It wasn’t long before Jade replied via the official Little Mix Twitter account saying, “I am more than happy to look like you,” followed by the heart eyes emoji. Aww!

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