Uh-Oh: These 6 Winter Skin Sins Are Giving You Bad Skin & Breakouts

Be prepared: it's about to get a whole lot colder, and that means bad news for skin. Keep yours looking flawless by avoiding these six bad habits...


New styles, new make-up trends, new wardrobe, the dreaded winter brings a whole new set of considerations for us folk including skincare. Let’s be honest, Irish winters can be harsh—and we’re not just talking about the cold, wind and snow—but the dry, dull and itchy skin that can result from it. Seriously, that’s a lot of environmental assault on your face in short order.

Sporting a winter-chapped face is not a good look and chances are you’re guilty of committing at least a couple of winter skin sins, but don’t fret, with a few simple swaps your face will be glowing all winter long. #result

Here are the worst offenders and how to fix them…

1. Using your regular moisturiser

Bring in the heavyweights. No beauty shelf is ready for winter without the following: a moisturising cream—not a gel or lotion—for day, a richer one for night, a hydrating mask and body butter, which we recommend applying to damp skin after showering to better lock in moisture. To avoid skin general blahness Dr. Emma Wedgeworth recommends using ” Heavy moisturisers to restore the hydration of the outer layer of skin, to create a protective coating.” Got it.

2. Forgoing SPF

Just because you don’t need your giant aviator shades to hide from the glaring sun doesn’t mean the UV rays aren’t as intense. Yep, they’re still knocking about in wintertime, so make sure you’re using a decent sunscreen. Sunscreens prevent sunburn, wrinkles, age spots and of course, skin cancer, so get lathering, and look for moisturisers and foundations that already contain SPF 15 and above, too.

3. Over-exfoliating

Exfoliating is a great way to help remove those pesky dead skin cells and give your skin a brighter glow, but  listen up lady pal, overdoing it in the winter can do more harm than good. So tone down the scrubs and the peels as they strip your beautiful face of its natural oils, which will do you no favours during the chilly months ahead. Instead use a hot cloth, or try creamy cleansers and serums that will gently remove dead skin cells. Trust us your face will thank you.

4. Using harsh cleansers

Harsh soaps tend to strip away our skin’s natural oils and this can lead to dry, flaky, irritated, itchy skin. Also remember to wash with lukewarm, not hot water.  Dr. Emma explains that using a cleanser that’s too rough will raise your skin’s PH level and strip the skin’s surface of its natural lipid layer. For a more gentle wash, look to gel cleansers. We heart Trilogy Balancing Gel Cleanser, €27.69.

5. Not drinking enough water

Okay you knew this was coming: Just because we’re all snuggly and warm in our new winter wardrobe, doesn’t mean we can cut back on our H20. Drinking at least eight glasses of water each day will help to rehydrate the skin, and it’s especially important in the colder months when our skin is more prone to dryness. Also be aware that your coffee and alcohol intake can further dry out your skin. Damn.

6. Lingering in a hot shower

When it’s 10 below outside, it’s tempting to turn your morning shower into a half-hour steam-a-thon. But after about 15 minutes, all that heat begins to compromise your skin’s lipid layer; a complex of fatty acids that holds in precious moisture. Turn down the heat as much as you can—or at least shorten your shower time. Your water bill and your skin will be happy.

By Jennifer Conway.