Uh Oh…. This Cosmetics Brand Just Seriously Shaded Kylie Jenner’s New Product Launch

It has been receiving a lot of hate for it's steep price point

Kylie Jenner has been treating fans to a whole array of brand new products this festive season.

The 20-year-olds company, Kylie Cosmetics, has just launched a new range of cream lipsticks, concealers and now makeup brushes – collectively known as The Silver Series.

Last week, Kylie debuted her new silver brushes on instagram, but it seems fans have a BIG issue with the price tag.

The set of 16 brushes retails at a whopping $360… Crazy right?

Well fans are not happy, with many leaving comments arguing that her young followers could never afford to buy these brushes.

“Wow WAY TOO OVERPRICED!” one user commented, while another added “it’s funny how you think these will sell.”

Well it seems that affordable makeup brand BH Cosmetics have taken the opportunity to promote their own set of silver brushes, and point out the astronomical price difference.

It’s unclear whether they are directly referencing Kylie Cosmetics or not, but we have a feeling Kylie should be feeling pretty shaded right now.


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