Want Flawless Make-up? Here’s Why Green And Orange Concealers Are Your New Secret Weapon

Forget your regular concealers. Colour correction is where it's at if you want a flawless base.

Make-up artist Heidi Hamoud

We’re pretty much open to anything when it comes to make-up. We’ve tried our hand at clown contouring, and we’ve given beauty baking a go, too. But we have to admit, when we heard that using orange and green concealer (our national colours, ahem) was the secret to flawless skin, we were a tad hesitant.

That was until we watched YouTuber and make-up artist Heidi Hamoud, put orange and green concealer to the test and completely transform her make-up look.

The science bit? It’s based on the colour wheel principle, that says colours on the opposite side of the wheel cancel each other out. That means green-hued concealers will help to cancel out redness like angry pimples and rosy cheeks, while orange is great for concealing the blue undertones that you often find under your eyes. The result is flawless coverage,.

The only problem? Green and orange concealers are a tad hard to come by. We found one of each; NYX Above and Beyond Concealer in orange, €5 and Clinique Anti-blemish concealer in green, €18,95.

NYX Above and Beyond Concealer


Clinque anti-blemish Clearing concealer in green


Now you have your kit, you’l need to start off by dabbing your orange concealer on any blue undertones, and blend. Next, grab your green concealer and blend over redness. Not sure how to do it? Heidi has the step-by-step in this video. We’ll be adding green and orange to our concealer kit. Will you?