Want To Change Up Your Gruaig For Autumn? ‘Mulled Wine’ Hair Is Where It’s At

No need to bother getting a fringe to spice up your hair this winter. Hallelujah!


Okay, we can all breathe a collective sigh of relief. It is very almost that time of year when we can all start to drink mulled wine again. Who doesn’t love a sip of that warm, spicy, comforting goodness, it’s like a hug in a mug.

In fact, some people love it so much, that they are using it as inspiration for their hair colour. Behold, ‘mulled wine hair’:

Now, all us Irish gals tend to go a bit mad, hair wise, this time of year. It is something inherent in us, unlikely to change anytime soon. As soon as the temperatures drop by a couple of degrees, we all take it upon ourselves to march down to the hairdressers and demand that they give us a fringe.

Of course, some of us are strong enough to resist our fringe urges, and I applaud those of you who are, I really do. However, for the ones who struggle in resisting these urges, the mulled wine hair trend may just be the perfect substitute in steering you clear of a fringe disaster. A disaster which will take months of growing out and hearing ‘I told you so’ said over and over again by your fringeless friends who ignored their inner fringe demon.

via Health.com

The hair colour, taking both social media and hair salons by storm, is marked by a deep berry-red base hue. The shade overall is more soothing and less in-your-face than your classic dark brown or black.

There are a variety of tone combinations to be explored when it comes to this hair colour, meaning that there is a correct shade of mulled wine hair for just about everyone. Lighter skin tones may opt for a brighter berry, while darker skin tones might go in the direction of a richer, merlot shade. Looks like you won’t be winning out this year, fringe demon.


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