Watch: You Need To See This Blogger Perfectly Curl Her Hair With Toilet Paper

Perfectly tousled heat-free waves? This is seriously impressive.

Nicole Skyes Toilet Paper Curls

We’ve seen our fair share of beauty hacks in our time but we’ve got to say this one is all out odd.

In a new vid, YouTuber Nicole Skyes ditches the hair tongs and instead wraps her in toilet paper to achieve curls.

But if you were expecting, er, shitty results, well you’d be wrong cos when Nicole rolls out the pieces of toilet paper, which she’s kept in her hair over night, she reveals a gorgeously tousled wavy mane of hair.

It seems mega easy to do too. Simply cut the toilet roll into strips, take sections of your hair that are about one inch thick, and roll them up to your scalp, securing with a knot at the end.

Check out the vid below to see how it’s done…


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