We Chat To Emma Willis About Her Next Collaboration And Hit Show ‘Delivering Babies’

“I always thought my life would be in the medical profession."

Today, TV presenter Emma Willis has launched her first clothing collection in collaboration with Next.

The 30-piece collection launched online this morning, and includes everything you’ll need for the perfect summer wardrobe!

From elegant tailoring and stylish beachwear to comfortable pyjamas and flattering swimwear, Emma has insured there’ll be something in this collection for every woman.

The mother-of-three has previously curated her own edits for the brand, however this is the first time she has designed her own range. We sat down to chat about the inspiration behind her first design venture and her latest show Emma Willis: Delivering Babies.

Emma said the main thing she wanted to capture when creating her Next collection was something that’s accessible for everyone.

“It was about making pieces that were timeless, classic and would appeal to a range of ages. I wanted my younger sister and my mum to be able to buy it too. Pieces that you can go back to and re-wear. Comfortable and multi-functional, something you can wear to work and a night out.”

Best known for her presenting roles on massive UK shows such as Big Brother and The Voice, Emma told us why she chose to collaborate with Next and how she approached the transition from presenter to fashion collaborator.

“Next approached me a couple of years ago about doing an edit. I’m the kind of person who, if I’m putting my name to something, wants to be fully involved.

“I sat down with the designer at Next and my stylist and we talked about my style, what I like and the vision and inspiration for the collection. The designer went away with that then we all sat down again and made edits.”


“It was a fully immersive three-way partnership. We kept in mind that everyone is different and we tried to cater to different needs. They’ve really guided me and made me think about accessibility in styles. There’s definitely more to come from this collaboration.”


With Channel 4’s Big Brother coming to an end last year, Emma’s latest TV venture is in an environment we definitely aren’t used to seeing her in – a hospital.

In Emma Willis: Delivering Babies, the 42-year-old trains for three months at Princess Alexandra Hospital’s busy maternity ward in Essex as a Maternity Care Assistant (MCA), working four eight-to-thirteen hour shifts a week. We asked her just why she decided to embark on this new medical journey.

“I always thought my life would be in the medical profession,” she said. “My mum is my idol and she worked in hospitals.”

“A&E really fascinated me, then I had a baby and realised what the whole maternity unit does for a woman to guide her through. I was in awe.

“I started working in telly and when I was asked about what I wanted to do, I said I wanted to see a birth. Only one production company came back with a yes. They said you’ll have to train as an MCA, so I did.”

Emma told us that it was the staff at Princess Alexandra Hospital that really made the experience for her and taught her everything she knows.

“Working in the care environment, you have to have a passion for it. We were in an amazing hospital full of welcoming, supportive and nurturing people who took me under their wing.

“They taught me everything that led me to be able to become an MCA. I think it should be brought into schools – an education about the childbirth process to help kids understand how incredible it is, it would bring a better appreciation to women.”

The first episode of Emma Willis: Delivering Babies season two aired last night on W Channel. Emma’s Next collection is available to buy now online at Next.co.uk and will be in selected stores from the 5th of March.