We Have Beauty News: 2000s French Manicures Are Cool Again

The bad news is, it’s back. The good news is, it’s not awful this time.

French manicures may remind you of your confirmation days, sported by almost every soul back in the 2000s, it soon went off the beauty radar after it’s brief reign as nail queen.

However, for those out there who still keep a special spot in their hearts for the trend we have news – the long-forgotten french tips are having a renaissance.

As someone who previously used sellotape, paper, and every other device I could get my hands on in a pathetic bid to perfect the then cool trend (spoiler alert: I never perfected it), I have a little anxiety surrounding its return. BUT, having recently spotted the look on pretty much anyone who is anyone, I am coming around to the idea of its resurrection.

Originally spotted on one the coolest of cool gals, Bella Hadid, while she holidayed in Greece this Summer, other celebrities such as Beyonce, Ariana Grande, and Hailey Baldwin are now embracing the throwback trend too, catapulting it into the mainstream.

Celebrity manicurist Michelle Humphrey has said that the new-look ‘French’ has evolved and adapted to suit a modern gal’s lifestyle.

“I love seeing the twists and tweaks on the classic – and nostalgic – design. The potential outcomes are endless,” says Michelle.

So, you can think less the square-shaped adhesive packs we all picked up in our local pharmacies 9 odd years ago, and more polished, refined, and colourful styles, as the trend has been modernised to within an inch of its life.


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