“We Learn From Our Mistakes”: Kylie Jenner Just Responded To That Scathing Review Of Her Lip Kits In The Classiest Way

Make-up artist Jeffree Star has thrown some major shade at her debut beauty product, but Kylie has hit back.

Screenshot 2016-04-18 14.45.40

They may be a sell-out success but not everyone is happy with Kylie’s Lip Kits, namely Jeffree Star, a make-up artist with his own line of products, who last week tweeted a scathing review of the product.

His main gripe? The quality of the wand.

He tweeted the following comments on Friday:

Screenshot 2016-04-18 14.30.34

Screenshot 2016-04-18 14.30.48

Screenshot 2016-04-18 14.30.59

Pretty cutting, huh? Jeffree’s tweets caused loads of other lip kit users to report the same issues with their wands, prompting @kyliecosmetics to tweet the following response:

Screenshot 2016-04-18 14.37.09

But Kylie’s response and the promise of replacement wands wasn’t enough for Jeffree and he hit back with the following:

Screenshot 2016-04-18 14.46.55

Screenshot 2016-04-18 14.47.08

Finally, KJ put an end to the argument tweeting from her own account:

Screenshot 2016-04-18 14.49.13

A classy response we reckon. Here’s hoping the next batch of lip kits are much better quality.


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