What Is Hair Plopping – And Why Is Everybody Doing it?

It's being hailed as the answer to all your #CurlyHairProbs. Here's how to plop your hair.


Heard of hair plopping? It’s the latest at-home hair styling technique that claims to give you perfectly formed, frizz-free curls, and curly-haired gals everywhere are loving it.

The best bit? This technique means none of the usual damage you’d get from heat styling, and another bonus; by setting the hair above the head, you get added bounce,volume and definition. It also reduces drying time and nixes frizz.

Sound good? Here’s how:

Simply plop your hair on to a towel, cloth or t-shirt. Wrap it around your head, then twist both sides of the towel securely. Now all you gotta do is leave it in while your hair dries

Stuck? Here’s a video from Boucleme that’ll talk you through how to do it.