What Is ‘Instagram Shopping’, And How Awful Is It Going To Be For Our Bank Balance?

Answer: Very.

via searchenginejournal.com

Your average peek at Instagram can already be damaging enough to your wallet, but now they’re making it even easier to shop as you scroll.

Over the past year, the app has been trialling a Shopping feature that allows you to buy things straight from an Instagram photo.

The special Shopping posts are marked with a little shopping bag icon in the corner – all you have to do is tap on a tag to view a pop up that gives you the name and price of a product, as well as a link to where you can buy it.

Only Instagram-approved businesses are able to use the tags, meaning you aren’t going to get scammed out of it (hopefully).

So handy! So dangerous. So very, very dangerous.

The feature has so far only been available to some users in the US, but now they’re expanding it to Australia, the UK, Canada, and some European countries, which means that it’s inching ever-closer to us.

How do we feel about this? We’re going for a cautious ‘yay’?


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