What’s In Your Makeup Bag? Team STELLAR Spill Their Beauty Must Haves

Here's what our staff swear by, like, bible.

Vicki Notaro – Editor In Chief 

Vicki gave us the lowdown on her bedside locker products and night routine! 

I suffer with bumpy skin on my upper arms and thighs, so this salicylic cream from Cerave is a godsend – I apply it 2-3 times a week before I get in to my PJs!

After washing my face with Image Clear Cell cleanser, I lash on this Ageless serum. Then on top I’ll either layer this Skinceuticals pot of absolute gold for comfort and essential fatty acids without oiliness, or I’ll cover my forehead with this “botox in a pen” peptide complex from Image.

I pat on some Nuxe lip balm every night (it works best when you’re sleeping!) and swipe Revitalash along my lash line. Then the last thing I do is pop on some cuticle oil to keep my nails hydrated, strong and healthy.

Once a week, I’ll pop on a layer of Bondi Sands Liquid Gold before bed to keep me looking healthy – I’m grey otherwise! And I’ll spritz over my skin care with the Dripping Gold Wonder Water.

Rebecca Keane – Deputy Editor 

Rebecca gave us a rundown on her favourite products and why they’re number one in her eyes!

La Roche Posay Anthelios SPF 50 – I was so doubtful that this would be hideous and gloopy, but it’s actually the perfect base for makeup and of course, protects you from those rays.

Weleda Skin food – My skin would eat this for breakfast lunch and dinner. It’s so thick and the scent is so calming. Adore it.

Maybelline Lash Sensational – It’d take a lot to convince me that Maybelline doesn’t make the best mascaras. Is it the fun colourful tubes or because it’s cheap as chips? I’m not sure but a lashing or two of this and suddenly I look alive.

Fenty Beauty gloss bomb – Love the smell, love the colour, have popped it on top of any pink or nude matte lipstick and not only do I suddenly look like Angelina Jolie, I feel it.

Urban Decay Petite Heat – This tiny compact has been on most nights out, work commutes, holidays, club bathrooms and survived, so it’s indestructible at this point.

Jcat Aquasurance Foundation – this compact has loads of pressed powder foundation and features a mirror which is brilliant for a serial commuter MUA like myself. Bus, train, plane, bungee jump – you will probably see me with at least two brushes and a sponge in hand. Great coverage and really stays.

Maybelline Superstay Matte Ink City Edition Liquid Lipstick – Another product with serious lasting power. I love the name ‘self starter’ too – I’ve worn it in interviews and felt a little confidence boost while wearing it.

Glossier Cloud Tint – Love this for a tiny hint of blush!

Raazika Lipliner – My face isn’t complete until my lips have been generously overlined

Catrice Liquid Eyeshadow – This metallic goldy coral colour goes so well with browns, purples, really any shade of shadow, so handy for a lazy girl.

Jcat Staysurance concealer – This is like glue, so the tiniest amount is needed. Does not budge at all.

Maybelline Dream Urban Cover SPF50 – A gorge lightweight foundation with added SPF! It’s like a cheaper Glossier stretch concealer – a win win.

Carmex – If there was one thing to bring to a desert island, it’d be lip balm. If my lips are dry I basically can’t compute.

Denise Curtin – Digital Editor

Denise chatted all the products that have become her WFH saviours!

Since lockdown began almost a year ago now *screams*, my makeup routine has greatly reduced and what I use on my face has now become a lot more minimal. Nowadays, I’m all about a good, clean base and so, I’m *trying* to care for my skin a lot more, making sure I’m wearing SPF daily (Dermalogica’s Invisible Physical is my go-to!)

At night, I’m giving my skin a good cleanse followed by my ritual of applying my favourite retinol from The Ordinary in 0.5%, Super Pure serum from Glossier with niacinamide and zinc and finally moisturiser from Glossier again, one that primes and balances the skin. You’ll notice a Glossier trend in my makeup bag, I love the simplicity and packaging of all their bits and pieces!

As I was saying with opting for a more minimal makeup look while looking at my house’s four walls, when it comes to makeup I’ve been wearing Charlotte Tilbury’s Hollywood Flawless Filter in shade 4, alongside a bit of concealer from the incredible Irish brand AYU and bronzer/blush from Charlotte Tilbury’s Glowgasm palette, it’s super highlighted but now discontinued *sobs*.

Lastly, I use Charlotte Tilbury again (lads, I’m a creature of habit) Pillow Talk mascara and Glossier’s Brow Flick in black. When it comes to lipgloss I use whatever is in my handbag, usually some sort of brown shade, Bobbi Brown being my fave, always!

Megan Fox – Fashion Editor 

Megan dished the deets on her handbag essentials for creating her everyday lewk! 

Firstly, I feel that I need to state that the beauty world is not my forte. I am quite basic when it comes to make up and tend not to use concealers/ eye liners or eyebrow products.

Skincare is big for me. When my skin is co-operating and semi glowy I tend to wear a lot less make up and just let my skin do it’s thing.

I wear this IMAGE SPF every day even when I am not wearing make up. SPF seems to be key according to most beauty gurus and this one has a lovely base for foundation too. My make up glides on after I use it.

Hyaluronic acid is something that did scare me in the past as I was skeptical about anything with the word “acid” going on my face. However, this one from The Ordinary is super hydrating. Gorgeous make-up artist Sue Brophy told me once to put it on when your face is still slightly damp to lock in that extra moisture.

For foundation I have MAC Studio Fix, Aimee Connolly Second Skin and Georgio Armani Neo Nude Glow on rotate. I love how glowy and light both Second Skin and Neo Nude are, but love the extra coverage that comes with Studio Fix for a more ‘done up’ make up look.

I have used this Max Factor False Lash Effect mascara ever since I can remember. I love the chunky wand. It really does give a thick full lash look. I use the black/brown colour as my eyes are so small it’s less extreme and opens them up a little more than black mascara does.

I tend to go for loose powders always in a translucent shade. I find the loose powders feel more natural on my skin and less “cakey” than a compact powder.

This Primark “Bronze Whip” has been my favourite addition to my make up bag to date. It glides on, is such a gorgeous warm shade and only €5! I have yet to try the Chanel creamy bronzer but apparently this Penney’s version is just as good.

I love a spritz of perfume even when I don’t have anywhere to go. Si by Armani has been my go-to for years now!

Adele Miner – Staff Writer 

Adele gave us a rundown on each product that she swears by! 

No7 Beautiful Skin BB Cream – If you haven’t already guessed from my basic AF picture, I’m a minimal type of gal when it comes to my face. So, when it comes to my base I like to keep it light with my No7 Beautiful Skin BB Cream. This particular one is for dry/normal skin so leaves me with a glowy base, just how I like it.

Glossier Future Dew – Speaking of glow, the Glossier Futuredew is my kryptonite. What can only be described as youth in a bottle, I pop a bit on under or over my makeup and voila, I’m 18 again.

Soap Brows – Even when I haven’t a scrap of makeup on this is the one and only thing I’ll reach for every day. It lifts your brows up and sets them in place in an instant, giving you that fluffy brow look that’s all over your Instagram feed atm.

Charlotte Tilbury Hollywood Contour Wand – Bringing just a touch of glamour to my makeup bag, I use Charlotte Tilbury’s Hollywood Contour Wand to bring some structure to my face and it works a dream. I also finish my base off by popping some Clarins Joli Blush on my cheeks and nose to bring a little life to my face.

Glossier Skywash – An ultra contoured, dramatic flicks and bold lips type look might look great on everyone else, but does nothing for me, and it took me a while to realise that. But in the last couple of years, I’ve learned that make up isn’t something I have to take too seriously, and I’ve been having the most fun with it since. Glossier’s Skywash is one of the beauty products I own that brings me genuine joy just from looking at it. On the days when I feel like my lids could do with a wash of colour I pop this on in shade Pool. I finish off my eyes by curling my lashes and applying some mascara overtop, my go-to as of late has been Lash Slick. Yes yes, I am 100% that (basic) bitch, and wha?!

Amie Edmonds – Staff Writer 

A moment of appreciation for Amie’s makeup stash and her organisation skills, girl, we need to take a page out of your book – fabulous! 

I like to see my makeup, particularly when the packaging is so stunning, it’s a shame to hide it away. So my lipsticks, liners, particularly gorgeous palettes are dotted around my room, proudly displayed (to look at my bedroom, you would never think my boyfriend lives with me, but however!) The rest of my go-to make up is then categorised in a couple of drawers, each product has its own place and god forbid anyone comes in and moves something. Primers, foundations, bronzers, palettes, cream eyeshadows, mascaras: You get the gist.

If I was to talk you through my favourites, we could be here all day. So to save us both, I’ve picked three products that I’m loving lately, so much so that they almost have me drooling. First up is an obvious one, but it’s the Charlotte Tilbury Hollywood Flawless Filter. I throw it on like it’s going out of fashion, under foundation, mixed with foundation, over foundation, all on its own. I honestly can’t fault it.

Then, another product I’ve been reaching for an awful lot lately is the Fenty Cheeks Out cream blush in ‘Petal’. It’s a gorgeous pink shade, super easy to work with and adds a little oomph: even on the days when I’m working from home and just want to look a little less dead.

Lastly, one that I’ve fallen in and out of love with a couple of times over the past few years, Benefit’s 24 Hour Brow Setter. I fell out of love with it after using a soap brow product, but now I’m head over heels all over it again. I’m a fan of a big, fat, fluffy brow and this gives me everything I want and more. The only downfall is that it doesn’t last 24 hours – but saying that, my brows tend to be a little coarse, so I’ll allow it.

Although I do want to give a special mention to the Vieve Essentials palette, the Kash Beauty eyeshadow toppers and the KVD Vegan Beauty Dazzle Eyeshadow sticks. I keep gravitating towards them, and I find myself sometimes randomly thinking about them because they’re just so gorgeous.

Megan Roantree – Staff Writer 

Megan shared her hero products, some she’s been wearing and loving for years!

Once I find a product I really like, I tend to stick to it so a lot of what I have here is things I have rebought over and over.

I adore essence and Catrice so a lot of my products are super affordable. I always go for Mac lipsticks and have been buying Velvet Teddy for years. The Rimmel Lasting Matte Foundation is also really affordable but provides the perfect coverage and you only need a small amount.

Benefit’s Hoola and Hello Happy Velvet Foundation are also staples in my makeup bag. I also feel like Clarins can often be underrated, their Joli Rouge Lip Lacquer is so creamy and soft but really lasts, and their SOS primer is a great base. Sometimes I just pop a bit of that one with a sweep of the Benefit powder foundation as the dream team!


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