Where To Buy The Curling Tools TikTok is Going Wild For

If you're looking for bouncy curls or beachy waves, this is perfect.


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When it comes to hair, the grass is always greener; and if you’re a gal with pin-straight locks you’ll know all about the struggle to achieve the perfect beachy wave.

Our options are pretty limited; whether it’s burning your hair to bits with your curling wand or shelling out nearly 600 quid for a Dyson Airwrap to do less damage (oh, the temptation!) – we’ll do whatever it takes.

So it makes sense that TiK Tokkers everywhere are going mad about a tool that’ll give you easy heatless waves with just a little patience. Sign us up!


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A post shared by Lauren Wolfe (@laurenwolfe)

TikTok user Lauren Wolfe made a video before and after applying the curlers that everyone’s dying to get their hands on, which can be bought on Amazon for as little as €8! Wolfe shows us how you hook your hair into the curlers (which are giving serious 6th class sleepover vibes) and pull your strands into the plastic tubing, before leaving them to work their magic.

And the results are pretty impressive.


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A post shared by Lauren Wolfe (@laurenwolfe)

Other vloggers on the app did say that the curlers can be a little uncomfortable after a while, with user @sarasaadia making her results video in the middle of the night because it was too painful to keep them in – though her results are gorgeous after just a few hours.

So they probably won’t suit everyone for an overnight fix, but they could be put in after work to be ready to go out for dinner – as long as you don’t mind looking like a ‘fruit roll up Medusa’ while doing your makeup.

The ‘Willbond’ brand of curlers has a couple of different styles too, so you can experiment with Hollywood glamour or beachy mermaid waves. Take our money!

Let’s also not forget about another beachy waves trend that’s doing the round on TikTok, and all you need is the belt off your humble dressing gown and a few hair clips. Taking the belt, wrap your hair around it in sections before leaving it overnight and waking up to gorgeous waves.

Words by Aoife CodyKane 


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