Why Your Hair Can Get Thicker When You’re Pregnant, And Other Positive Side Effects Of Being Up The Duff

Being pregnant can do lots for you (other than giving you a baby, of course).

In the latest episode of our podcast The Glow Up (*cough* shameless plug *cough*), fashion, beauty and lifestyle blogger Rosie Connolly-Quinn revealed that her hair got thicker during her first pregnancy.


“My hair got thicker during the pregnancy and two-three months later it was like, ‘Bye bye hair!’,” Rosie laughed. “I don’t have thick hair anyway, I don’t have hair to lose so thank god for extensions!”

Even though the joy didn’t last, we were intrigued. So intrigued, in fact, we did a little poking around to find out more about the surprising positive-side effects of pregnancy no on tells you about. You’re welcome!

Thicker hair

Yep, Rosie speaks the truth. According to Baby Center, your hair feels fuller when you’re expecting because you’re shedding it a lot more slowly than you usually would. Normally, about 85 to 95% of the hair on your oul’ head is growing while the others are having a bit of a rest. After the rest period, that hair naturally starts to fall out, with the average lady losing about 100 hairs day. But when you’re pregnant, the higher levels of oestrogen cause the growth phase to last longer, resulting in less shedding and a thicker feeling mop.

In another, em, hairy development, the structure of your gruaig might also change when you’re preggers. For example, curly hair might suddenly become straight – a definite positive if you’re a straightener addict and your GHD recently carked it.

Better sex 

While it’s totally normal if pregnancy has got you feeling fatigued or self-conscious (factors that are hardly likely to have you hopping in the sack in a hurry), your sex life could also experience a boost. Author and OBGYN Christiane Northrup MD said, “During the second trimester, there’s increased blood flow to the pelvic area.” The result? Greater sensitivity “down there” and a greater likelihood of orgasm. Well!

Glowing skin 

Maybe. For some mammies-to-be, pregnancy can encourage the best skin of their life. Hormones may shift to clear up skin woes and those lovely, moisturising sebaceous glands go into overdrive to deliver the famous “pregnancy glow”. However, this isn’t always the case and that’s perfectly normal too.

“Every time I’m pregnant I suffer with my skin,” Rosie Connolly-Quinn said. “I’ve suffered with acne for years and I can get it under control when I’m not super hormonal but as soon as you put the hormones in it just goes bananas. There’s obviously less you can do when you’re pregnant, you can’t use strong medication or topical stuff.”

So there you go – pregnancy can have some nice results (other than a baby, of course). Go forth and procreate, if you wish.


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