Why Meredith Blake From The Parent Trap Is Our Current Fashion Inspiration

These days, we've got to admit, we're team Meredith and her drool-worthy wardrobe!

You know your reaching a turning point in life when you start to have a genuine appreciation for the frustrations of the kids’ movie baddie you once feared.

Meredith Blake was once the epitome of the classic evil step-mother trope. The attractive younger woman, who swoops in to steal your father and send you away to a Swedish boarding school. But no more! We have changed our ways and grown a newfound appreciation for Meredith’s struggles… and her wardrobe, which is providing some top-class summer style inspiration.

Appearing in the 1998 classic The Parent Trap, Meredith is declared resident baddie of the movie when she takes a romantic interest in vineyard owner Nick Parker, much to the distain of his recently reunited, separated-at-birth twins (both played by Lindsay Lohan).

Sure, when we first saw icon Lindsay Lohan take to our screens as Hallie and Annie, long-lost twins who bump into each other at summer camp (the odds?), we were rooting for the 11-year-olds. But times have changed and in later years our sympathies have started to lie more with the 26-year-old antagonist of the children’s movie.

Imagine it, you’re a successful young businesswoman about to marry a millionaire Californian vineyard owner, only to have his recently reassembled set of 11-year-old twins drag you into the middle of a lake on an inflatable mattress. Nightmare fuel.

Throw in your dream wedding dress designer being his ex-wife (and mother to the aforementioned twins), and a plot by the kids to reunite their estranged parents and who wouldn’t flip the lid and threaten to send the messers to boarding school *at least* once?

To celebrate the 24th anniversary of the movie, Meredith actress Elizabeth Hendrix took to TikTok demanding “Justice for Meredith”. Frankly… we couldn’t agree more! So we’re honouring Ms Blake in the best way we know how!

They do say imitation is the sincerest form of flattery, right?

In homage to the woman herself, we are channelling all her fabulous energy into our summer wardrobe. It’s all about black and white tailored looks, with the obligatory gold jewellery, and of course a classic red lip, all finished with a pair of 90’s style black sunnies.

If you also feel compelled to join team Meredith, and are on the hunt for some Parent Trap-inspired pieces, look no further. We have selected our top picks that will have you ready for dinner at The Stafford, wine tasting in the Napa Valley or perhaps a hike by the lake… even if you’re not that big of a “nature girl”.



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World by Ellen Glynn